About Us

Khalil R. Uqdah, MBA

From a young age, Khalil Uqdah has used his competitive nature to advance himself and to empower those around him. As an athlete, Khalil was nationally ranked – first as a gymnast and then as a pole vaulter. Khalil graduated from Gilman School as the highest ranked pole vaulter in the state of Maryland. He then graduated from Lehigh University, with his BA in business management and economics, as the 19th best pole vaulter in the nation. His passions for success and life-long learning have followed him to real estate investing.

Khalil made his first real estate investment in 2012, just months after he relocated to a new state. The success in managing all aspects of the $100k+ rehab placed him on the path to becoming a successful real estate investor. Through hard work and focus, Khalil has been instrumental in consistently growing the portfolio. Having studied the business, Khalil finds that his passion is most vibrant when working with others towards mutually beneficial results. His underlying goal is to positively impact the lives of tenants and potential home owners. He enjoys building relationships one deal at a time.

On a typical day, Khalil can be found educating his mind, body, and soul. When he is not working towards becoming a better version of himself, he is a husband to a beautiful wife and a father to a remarkable two-year old baby girl. The family also has a Lhasa Apso named Duchess.

Kyara Gray-Uqdah

Kyara has a passion for real estate that runs back to childhood. From a small, rural town in Pennsylvania, she has seen first-hand how real estate plays a vital role in community. Kyara made her first real estate investment just 1 year after graduating from Lafayette College with an Economics degree and has been hooked ever since. Since that first investment (which was a 3 family shell that needed $100k+ of renovation), Kyara has been able to grow her real estate portfolio consistently. She is licensed in the state of Maryland and prides herself on her knack for finding great deals.

Kyara is admired for her ability to think strategically and drive execution as a thought leader and change agent. She has had many roles within Fortune 100 companies as well as within a startup environment. Kyara thrives on the opportunity to drive change and make a difference – whether at work or in the community. Kyara’s ultimate goal is to positively impact the community through real estate by advocating for financial literacy and home ownership in inner city neighborhoods.

As a wife and mother with a huge extended family, Kyara enjoys home cooked meals and a great laugh with loved ones. Although she was a Division 1 track athlete in college, you’ll be hard pressed to see her run anywhere – ever. But she does love a great yoga session to clear her mind.